Capricorn Caves, QLD

Where: Capricorn Caves Caravan Park. Approx 25 minutes north of Rockhampton, QLD.

When: Easter long weekend, 2016

The Rundown:
This place was sooo quiet and peaceful.  Can you even imagine having almost an entire caravan park to yourself on the Easter long weekend???  It’s like your very own Easter miracle!  They said they are NEVER fully booked, so you can always count on finding a space.

The setting is bush-like (just check out the photos) and a big bonus was being able to have a good’n’proper campfire.  There are not too many places where you can sit around an open campfire, toast marshmallows and play a few tunes.  And don’t even worry about finding firewood, the Cave Men deliver it right to you.  Talk about icing on the cake!


The nature walks and wildlife kept us all entertained.  Fen, our resident photographer went in search of the perfect butterfly shot while her daughter Amaya was spotting the ‘Wobbalies’  (Wallabies). She gave me a giggle every time she warned us about the ‘Wobbaly poos’…that never got old!

The main attraction for stopping here though would have to be to take a tour of the Caves.  Amazing!!  Capricorn Caves run a variety of tours and special events, with something for everyone.

The McDonalds donned helmets and head-lamps to take on the two-hour adventure tour.  They came back grinning from ear to ear and chatting away like they’d had a ‘born-again’ experience.  When Fen told me they had to crawl through long, dark canals, head first with barely enough room to get their shoulders out….I realised they kind of did.

What goes in…must come out!


Fernanda…being ‘reborn’.

The Jeffreys took the less adventurous but equally enjoyable one- hour tour, which was more suited to our younger, slightly less-coordinated kids and our casual footwear choices (this tour can be completed in thongs, although sturdy footwear is recommended).  We only nearly lost the baby down a cave-hole once…and I had my mother-of-the-year moment when the entire tour-group took a horrified gasp, in perfect unison.

Seb caves
The smile came once we assured him there were NO bears in this cave!


cave bridge
The bridge we left the caves on (all in one piece, including the baby!)

Both the cave experiences were fascinating and well worth doing.  It was educational and a great bonding experience for families of all kinds.

The caravan park had all the usual facilities, including a swimming pool, very well equipped camp kitchen (including a TV – apparently a must for the Easter footy game), toilets and showers, laundry, a café serving tea, coffee and scones, and a gift shop.

The bathrooms were immaculately clean –and never any queue!  I think I might have crossed paths with one other person at the bathrooms the entire three days we were there.

Baby Bucket Bath.


The Tips:
Girls, make sure you take care of any lengthy shower procedures (ie. hair washing, leg shaving) before you arrive.  The showers are lovely and hot, but the water pressure is low.  The Park is completely dependent on tank water, so leave some to share.

If you bring nothing else, bring the Bushmans (or your preferred method of insect repellent) and get it in the tropical strength.  The mozzies were many.  It may have just been the time of year, but better to be prepared just in case.

The Wind-Up:
Overall, we think that the Capricorn Caves Caravan Park is the perfect, very affordable over-night or short-stay in-between destinations  place with some fantastic family activities.  It is well-worth a visit, and we will be back.


Please note:  This review reflects the personal experience and opinions of the McJeffs.  We did not receive any incentive to write about our wonderful time here, I’d probably fall of my chair if the staff from this Park even knew the McJeffs and this blog exists.

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