Great Keppel Island, QLD

Where: Great Keppel Island Holiday Village. 30 Minute boat trip from Rosslyn Bay, QLD

When: Easter School Holidays, 2016
AKA. The Endless Summer

The Rundown:
About five days into our holiday, the Mcs had a conversation that went a bit like this. (Author’s Note: I have taken creative liberties here, and there may or may not be any truth to the following script.  But this is what I imagine took place.)

Fernanda: ‘Honey, I’m getting a bit sick of the Jeffs.  They slow us down with their copious and regular sunscreen applications and relaxed, lengthy breakfasts. I mean, who puts milk on cereal anyway?  That’s poor time-management.  You can’t even take it with you like that.’
Dave: ‘Hmm. Should we take a day trip on our own then?’
Fernanda: ‘Yes, but make let’s make it overnight.  And overseas.’
Dave: ‘Great Keppel Island then?
Fernanda: ‘Great idea Honey.  I’ve already made the booking.’

Ok, so it’s not exactly what happened, but makes for a better story than me explaining that the Jeffs decided not go because the kids still needed naps and can’t swim yet and we would enjoy it more in a couple of years time and blah blah blah.

So because of this fact – this post will be mostly photos, with a few notes from the Mcs about their little paradise getaway.  I don’t think this will be a problem though, because the photos pretty much speak for themselves.

This is Geoff. Geoff met the Mcs right off the boat and delivered their bags and gear to their accommodation. No wasting time getting straight into the action (or relaxation) at GKI! (Geoff here sounds exactly like our Camp Manager’s kind of guy!)
The accommodation for the night. I think this is what they call Glamping right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plenty of walks, places to explore and activities to enjoy.  The more I write, the more I’m beginning to wish we went…


The kids especially enjoyed a visit from these cute little critters, but Fernanda insists that the absolute highlight was taking in the incredible sunset with a refreshing cocktail in hand, on the deck of the Hideaway bistro.



If you are planning to visit Great Keppel Island, don’t just plan a day trip.  Make the most of it and stay at least a night or two.  And bring along whatever you need to make yourselves comfy…esky, beach umbrella, tent….Geoff will just throw it in the ute for you and will take it right back to the ferry when you are ready to return to the mainland.


The Wind-Up:  GKI.  Just do it!  I wish we had!

Do you have any questions about Great Keppel for our ‘Tourist Advisor’?  Fernanda is happy to fill you in on any more of the details.  Feel free to scroll down and leave a question or a comment!

Once again, the McJeffs were not incentivised to promote GKI or the Holiday Village.  It’s pretty obvious that this place promotes itself, but we have a feeling Geoff won’t mind anyway!  

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  1. Sandie says:

    Ha ha!!! Love that ‘creative’ conversation! Your blogs are an awesome read guys! Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sandie!! So glad you are enjoying them . Can’t wait to write the Agnes Waters post next 😉


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