The town of 1770, QLD

Where: About 6km north of Agnes Waters

When: Easter school holidays, 2016

The Rundown:
1770 is named after the year in which Captain James Cook had his second venture ashore in Australia (and his first in Queensland!).

If I were Captain James Cook, I absolutely would have stopped here too. I can just imagine that he was busily mapping the Queensland coastline when he looked through his telescope and saw the clear, calm waters and white sandy beach.  He would have almost definitely thought to himself, ‘Finally. An opportunity to throw in my SUP and test it out!’ So he did, and by the time he paddled to shore he was completely relaxed by the serene surroundings and mesmorized by the magical atmosphere.1770

And then he most likely would have cracked open a coldy, ripped into a packet of cheese and bickies and said, ‘This is the most memorable place of my year so far.  Therefore, I shall name it 1770.’

That’s how I imagined it happened anyway.

There have been a few developments since that first visit, and in addition to Stand Up Paddleboarding, you can now also snorkel, take a helicopter tour, explore land and sea on the LARC, take a trip to Lady Musgrave Island, spend a day kayaking…and more!!  Find out all the details here.

Fernanda, doing her best Captain Cook impression.


Don’t forget the fishing rods!  The Jeffs did (forget!) but luckily the Mc-Organised’s remembered and were happy to share.

1770 seb fish
You should have seen the one that got away!

There is a beaut-looking hotel/restaurant over the road from the swimming beach.  We brought our own picnic so didn’t check it out, but it looked so popular that there probably wouldn’t have been space for us all anyway!

The McJeffs visited for the day (from Agnes Waters), but there are a couple of lovely looking caravan parks in 1770 itself if you prefer the ‘quiet’ side of town.IMG_3923_edited

The Windup:
1770 is the perfect place to relax and a nice change from the ‘big’ ocean.  The shallow and protected waters are ideal for swimming, sitting and soaking –  until your fingers delightfully wrinkle like a prune.

Have you been to 1770?  What was your favourite thing about it?  What would you choose to do if you went for a visit?  We’d love to know!

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