Tin Can Bay, QLD

Where: Tin Can Bay Tourist Park.
Approx. 45 minutes drive from Gympie or 2 and ½ hours north of Brisbane.

When: Easter School Holidays, 2016

The Rundown:
I had read some great reviews of this place so I had some pretty high expectations .  We weren’t disappointed.   From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, the staff were friendly, informative and helpful.  The caravan park itself was absolutely immaculate.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well maintained Park.  It was spacious, tidy, clean and green.  There were plenty of big grassy areas for the kids to kick a footy, a gorgeous swimming pool, camp kitchen and it sounds a bit strange – but I loved the wide, smooth concrete roads.  I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it was, but I just really liked the layout and vibe of this place.

TCB setup
Space and shade.  A winning combination!


We collected our keys, received a local map and all the tips; from the best place for fish and chips, to the best spot to take the kids for swim and picnic . We drove into our first ever ensuite site (because it was SO reasonably priced) and got about setting up.  We were in site 5 and loved it here – right across the road from the ‘lawn’ and the pool.  We also felt a bit posh having an ensuite and everything.

It didn’t take us long to jump in the pool (hottest Easter ever!). The swim was followed up with a bike ride, nature walk and play in the fantastic park down the road.

We didn’t have our wonderful photographer Fen with us, so this shot is taken from the Tin Can Bay Tourist Park website.  And the pool looked exactly like this when we were there. It’s not trick photography.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sebastian could hardly sleep the first night, knowing that we were planning on feeding the dolphins in the morning. Dolphin feeding is from 7am-9am at the wharf, but we got there at 8am – on advice from the locals.  It was a real highlight!  The dolphins were beautiful and it was a very special opportunity to be able to get in the water and up close with them.  There is a café right where the feeding happens, so after the dolphin feeding is finished you can watch the people feeding begin (or better yet, join in!).

Sebastian said he’d like to be a dolphin.  Who wouldn’t want to live here?

We explored the wharf a little and accidently ended up on Margot’s deck, where the kids were mesmorised by the school of fish swimming below. Margot was equally mesmorised by our kids and very kindly doted on them, chatting away and giving them bread to throw out to the fish. She was so very lovely…I was thinking maybe we could adopt her as an extra Aunty or something. Margotjetty
We got chatting and discovered that Margot runs a House Boat business where you can hire and self-charter a houseboat from Tin Can Bay. What a brilliant idea!!  Tin Can Bay would have to be the perfect place to do this, and the boats looked amazing.  We saw a couple of families return back from a trip and they looked like they had had the best time!  They even had a puppy with a life-jacket – no one missed out!


On our second day we took a day trip to visit Rainbow Beach, about a 40 minute drive from TCB. It was amazing, and you’ll be able to read all about it soon!

The Jeffs take on the world!!!! ….Well…Rainbow Beach anyway!


Back at the caravan park, we were chuffed to have gained some celebrity neighbours.  The folks from Queensland Weekender/Creek To Coast (QLD lifestyle TV shows) had set up next to us and were filming a segment for a two-part TV program, in conjunction with Caravanning Queensland.  The Jeffs might have made it into some of the footage…and the rest of their road trip sounds pretty much like the trip we had just been on!!  The show is planned to air on May 28th – so set yourself a reminder!

The crew made for excellent neighbours and Kai wasted no time in luring them in under our awning for a game of 500 and some wine and cheese – as he does with most of our neighbours (not just because he wanted to get on TV).

               Kai’s typical introduction: ‘Hi! I’m Kai.  (Shakes hands). Do you play 500?’  If the answer is no he responds with, ‘Great. I bet you’d love to learn!’.


We had a really great time with Dean, ‘Punk’ (Chris) and Eloise. The evening over cards just highlighted the value of conversation and making social connections.  It’s getting harder and harder these days to actually prioritise relationships, and I just love the way that getting out camping removes so many of the day-to-day distractions and allows us to have some ‘space’ to focus on people – rather than on programs and profiles. It’s unlikely we will ever run into these people again, but it was still great getting to hear a snippet of their lives and share a little of ours.  I love that whoever we meet, we can always find some kind of connection.  Like the discovery that Eloise remembers walking to school past Kai’s grandparents house.  And the fact that the crew just happened to be heading to Woodgate Beach the next day…my absolute favourite place in the whole world and like a 2nd home to me.  Connections. That’s what it’s all about.

Kai and Cait with Dean from Queensland Weekender.


TCB is a great place to bring the bikes.  There are nice paths and it’s all pretty flat.  We saw a lot of kite-surfers too, so check that out if it’s your thing. Or…Tonka Trucks might happen to be your thing.

The Windup:
What a wonderful place to stay. We loved the serenity, the relaxed atmosphere and the kid-friendly activities and places.  If you are action-addicts (perhaps a little more like the Mcs) I’d take a punt and say that if they were with us, they would have preferred to camp at Rainbow Beach,  day-tripping to Tin Can Bay. The slightly slower-paced Jeffs found that it was great to be close to all the action and activities at Rainbow Beach, but blissful to be able to return to our quiet little oasis.

lydia seat
Ahhh….the serenity!


Where do you think you’d prefer to stay? Are you an adventure-addict or a relaxation-reveller?


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