Rainbow Beach, QLD


Where: Rainbow Beach. 73km and about an hour drive from Gympie
When: Easter School Holidays, 2016

The Rundown:
Rainbow Beach is a beautiful spot located on the Fraser Coast. It’s just north of Noosa Heads and south of Fraser Island (the McDonald’s two favourite spots!). We had heard so much about Rainbow Beach from the Mcs (who are Rainbow regulars) so they have contributed to writing this post.

While the Jeffs chose to make their home-base at Tin Can Bay, the Mcs explored a few camping spots around Rainbow, as well as stopping there to catch the ferry over to Double Island Point for some 4×4 beach camping.

The Mcs doing it tough at DI!

Fernanda says, ‘Rainbow Beach Holiday Village is our favourite camping ground. It’s right in town and in walking distance to the beach, restaurants and parks. There are so many adventures and activities nearby.’

Here are some of our must-do activities at Rainbow Beach!

Check out the beach.
Just beautiful! There was some decent surf and the beach is patrolled.image

Go 4-wheel-driving.
We did a lot of this! We explored Inskip Point, and drove along the beach to see the coloured sand dunes.

Lunch and shopping in the main street.
There are plenty of cafes to choose from to get a bite to eat and some nice beachy shops to check out.

There is also a Skydiving Centre.
We couldn’t believe it when our ‘Captain Cautious’ walked right in and asked if he could jump out of a plane. This is the same kid who triple checks the playground slippery-slide for safety before he goes down and says things like, ‘I’m not sure if this slide has been constructed properly, it feels a bit wobbly.’ They told him to come back when he is 12. I’m pretty sure he will have forgotten it by then. I hope.

The Carlo Sand Blow.
If you do nothing else at Rainbow Beach, you HAVE to visit the Carlo Sand Blow. We had no idea what to expect, but are so so so glad we went. It’s a fairly easy uphill walk through bushland and up quite a few steps. Our four year old was able to walk all the way, and Kai carried the bub on his shoulders. It’s a picturesque walk, but the real ‘wow’ factor is when you emerge from the bush and see the vast, sand-covered hill top, surrounded by incredible views of the ocean and the region. I was actually quite moved and blown away (no pun intended!) by the sight. How did I not even know this place existed?? It felt like we were on top of the world, and surrounded by paradise.

Still smiling after a million stairs!
Wow!! On top of the world!!  My smile is hiding my mild-moderate anxiety that one of the kids were going to roll off the edge at any given second…
Love. Just love.



Seary Creek is a hidden little spot off the main road between Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay. There is a 100m boardwalk (wheelchair/pram accessible) to some pretty swimming holes in the freshwater creek. Fernanda writes, ‘The creek was chilly, but once you were in it was magical. You can walk all around the circuit which took about eight minutes. Jake and David enjoyed snorkelling in the creek and finding catfish, crayfish and other interesting creatures. Amaya and I floated behind them, hoping not to step on an eel!!’


Poverty Bay is accessed by a sandy, bumpy road – but worth it for the stunning view. Fen tells us, ‘You can camp on Poverty Bay if you have a 4WD. Take the boat as it’s the perfect spot for fishing and crabbing. On our second day here we went for a drive on the beach for a fish, walk and a swim. We pre-made our lunch before we left with an esky full of beverages. This was my type of relaxing – sun, wine and a book. I even managed to get in the zone for some yoga poses.’

The Tips:
For any 4×4 driving on the beach, always check the tide times and safety information before you head out. I’m always terrified that we are going to be one of those people who end up on the news with their car filling up with water….it happens!!
There is no power at Poverty Bay so you might want to bring a generator (as well as shade, water and food) if you decide to camp for a while, otherwise you can live it up in luxury at the Rainbow Beach Holiday Park.

‘Ok, we should probably get going now Kai. Let’s go Kai.  I can see the tide coming in Kai! Let’s get in the car now Kai!! Hurry Kai!!!  I DON’T WANT TO BE ON TV KAI!!!!!!!’


The boys are in their element!

The Windup:
There is so much to do at Rainbow Beach! The Carlo Sandblow is an absolute must – I recommend taking some water and snacks with you for when you reach the top. Dave thinks Poverty Bay is the perfect place for a boy’s trip – you can catch your own yabbies, explore the mangroves and fish and crab all day long.


We know Rainbow is a popular spot with heaps of Rollers!  Tell us, what’s your favourite thing about Rainbow?

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