Lake Borumba, QLD

Where: Lake Borumba (aka. Borumba Dam, but we like to sound fancy) , Imbil QLD.
When: May, 2016

The Rundown:
Another long weekend, another quick trip to our local surrounds! We hooked on the caravan for a short drive and set ourselves up camp at Lake Borumba Camping Grounds.  There are a few camping spots in the area and we chose this one based on availability and cheap rates, but we loved it so much we’ll be back here for sure!  It was pretty basic but had all the essentials, including a neat little playground and sandpit, perfect for keeping the kids entertained.

The camping ground is just down the road from the lake, so it was very popular with the boaters. The lake itself is a great place to visit, and the kids had a ball watching the boats and chatting with the fishermen.  I’ll just go ahead and let these photos speak for themselves!

I thought this was the cutest photo ever until I noticed the fish corpse lying smack bang in the middle of the shot!
…so this can be the cutest ever instead. No fish corpse.
He stood here giving hand signals to guide the boats back to the ramps for the longest time.  Luckily the boaters all thought it was funny, and he must have done a good job because no one crashed or sunk.


Imbil is a cute, quiet and quaint little town with plenty to offer. We (well, let’s be honest…’I’) was super excited to discover the weekend markets, and we were ALL excited when we discovered an awesome kids playground right across the road from the coffee shop.  Winning!

We jumped in the car for a little explore around town, and of course it took Kai less than two minutes to find a 4wd track going to who-knows-where to go adventuring on. Well, Kai calls it ‘adventuring’.  I call it ‘irresponsible decision making as you have not looked at any maps, nor told anyone where we are, or packed enough food and water in case we accidently drive over a cliff and survive and have no phone reception.’

So anyway, we did get pretty lost for a couple of hours in the depths of Imbil bushland and somehow managed to make through some VERY hairy off-road experiences (I actually closed my eyes for most of it!) BUT as Kai promised, we also got see some wonderful elevated views of the lake and found some lovely little secret hideouts.

Imbil has SO many pretty little fishing spots, swimming holes and crossings on the Yabba Creek. You could spend days just exploring the creek!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We dropped in to the Borumba Deer Park as we had heard great things from the Mcs who have stayed there. It’s another great family camping spot!  We purchased some deer food and walked to the fence for some deer-feeding-action, but after a fully booked long weekend, the deer were apparently already well fed and did not feel motivated to leave their shady spots on the other side of the paddock.  After some other visitors tried (unsuccessfully, yet hilariously)  to deer-call them over we gave up waiting and continued into town.  We still have the deer food, patiently waiting for a less busy weekend and more hungry deer.

Oh dear…no deer!

The Tips:
Bring the bikes, fishing rods and any kind of watercraft you have! If you decided to go ‘adventuring’, you might like to go a little more prepared than we did. If you have very little ones you might like to bring a bucket for bathing as there isn’t a family bathroom.  And…watch out for the wildlife!

The Windup:
Once again, even with all the beauty of nature and endless options for activities, the highlight was still the people we met and the connections we made.  The day we arrived, Seb  sussed out the place for other children, found a bunch of kids and said to his sister, ‘Hey, do you want to get some new friends?’  The simplicity of his question really struck me.  Life is so simple through the eyes of a child. We did ‘get’ some new friends and met a wonderful family who shared a snippet of their lives.  Seb still talks about his friend Maddy, and we think of them often.

 Have you stayed at one of the other spots at Imbil? What was your experience like?

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