About the McJeffs

Meet the McJeffs.  We are two families from the Sunshine Coast who enjoy camping and have decided to document our adventures, mishaps, tips and quips as we take advantage of the school holidays to explore our local, and not so local surrounds.


The McDonalds
Dave.  (Because everyone needs a Dave when you go camping.)  Dave’s official role includes driver, wood collector and self-appointed CEO of Rolling with the McJeffs.  He is an experienced BBQ chef, full of great camping tips and can tell a good yarn.

Fernanda.  Fen is our photographer, organiser, tourist advisor and although it’s an informal position, I’d go so far as to say she is our General Camp Manager.

Dave and Fernanda have two kids, Jake (9) and Amaya (5) who are both experienced camp kids.  They know their way around a bonfire and can toast a marshmallow to perfection.  The McDonalds have recently upgraded from a camper-trailer to a caravan and are well-equipped for many adventures ahead.

Mc Family
The Mcs – Fernanda, Dave, Jake and Amaya


The Jeffreys
Kai.  Kai is primarily responsible for driving, towing  and campfire duties (including starting and stoking.)  Kai is also self-appointed CEO (in partnership with Dave).  He is a stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of guy, which sometimes annoys our General Camp Manager.

Cait (that’s me!).  I have been appointed as ‘head-writer’ of Rolling with the McJeffs.  In addition to this, I am the approved campfire musician and caravan-caretaker.

We also have two kids – Sebastian (5)  and Lydia (1).  We are new to the caravanning scene, so are learning as we go but enjoying every minute!


The Jeffs – Kai, Cait, Sebastian and Lydia


So, there we have it!  Come along with us, let’s get rolling…with the McJeffs!